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My Seizure Diary

No more forgotten details.
No more complicated record keeping.
No more trouble remembering your medications.

My Seizure Diary makes managing your epilepsy, or your loved one’s epilepsy – fast and easy!

Thousands of people are using My Seizure Diary to help manage their epilepsy. My Seizure Diary is a FREE self-management tool to help you record, track, and manage your seizures and epilepsy. The Diary lets you record your medical history, seizures, medications, side effects, moods, or other personal experiences.

You can track changes over time, keep records of your medications, and create a Seizure Response Plan to share with your family, friends and health care team. Understanding your seizures may help you identify triggers to avoid.

My Seizure Diary also helps you remember what to do. You can have reminders of when to take your medicines, when to refill a prescription, or when you have medical appointments or tests.

My Seizure Diary lets you print out reports or send them to others, including your health care team.

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