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Upcoming Events

Epilepsy Foundation Maryland provides a variety of activities throughout the year. Raising awareness about the disorder and dispelling the many myths and misunderstandings about people who have epilepsy remains a priority. Educational conferences, Kids Crew Events, Walk to End Epilepsy events, Support Groups, Advocacy events and more…

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Epilepsy Education

Do you know what Epilepsy is? Do you know all the different types of seizures and how to respond to each type? Do you know what treatments are available for people with epilepsy?

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Community Resources

Useful information and links for parents, families and caregivers dealing with Epilepsy. The most comprehensive list of local community resources in Maryland is part of the Epilepsy Foundation’s 24/7 Seizures & Epilepsy Helpline.

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Maryland Epilepsy Centers

Maryland has many top-notch epilepsy centers. Click the link below for a complete list of National Association of Epilepsy Center locations in Maryland.

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Support & Networking Groups

There are a number of support and networking groups available to people with epilepsy and families in the Maryland area. These groups are not affiliated with the Epilepsy Foundation.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are very important to the daily function of the Epilepsy Foundation Maryland. We host numerous opportunities for volunteers to plug-in on a short term or long term basis – whatever fits your schedule!

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