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The Ira Rosenzwog Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Ira Rosenzwog Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1988 as a memorial to Ira Rosenzwog for his many years of volunteerism and financial contributions to the Epilepsy Foundation in Maryland. The scholarship fund was created to assist college students and others who have epilepsy to further their education. Epilepsy Foundation Maryland is providing this opportunity with the hope that it will encourage people in Maryland with epilepsy to pursue a college education.


• The applicant must have a diagnosis of epilepsy supported by documentation from their treating physician.
• Applicant must submit an essay along with an application form. The essay should address the following:

1. How has epilepsy affected your life?
2. What do you hope to gain from your college experience?
3. Why would you make a deserving grant recipient?

• Applicant must be a resident of Maryland.

• There are no age restrictions on the application for this grant.

• Financial need must be documented and will be determined by the committee.

• Applications must be returned by May 15, 2022.

• The grant is for tuition only. Funds will be paid directly to the institution.

• Acceptable colleges include 4-year undergraduate programs, community colleges, and vocational or technical institutions.

• If courses are dropped or not completed, monies will revert back to EFMD.

• A minimum grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained in order to continue the tuition assistance.

• Student will be required to submit grades at the end of each semester.

• Re-application will be necessary if grade standards are not maintained.

• If recipient’s grades do not meet stated criteria, a one year interim period will be required after which time recipient may re-apply.

• The recipient will submit a final report of the degree received.



In each semester, full time undergraduate students must carry at least 12 hours of academic work and part time students must carry at least 6 hours of work. The limit for completion of a program will be a maximum of 4 years for full time and maximum of 8 years for part time.



Candidates will be interviewed before a grant is awarded.


Download & Print the Scholarship Application Here